Assessment: Technology and Transportation



This document outlines a series of three alternative assessments I would add to my culture unit on transportation in Madrid.  This overarching assessment will gauge the level of ability and comprehension students gained during the unit on transportation in Madrid.

Students will work in groups of two or three to complete the following assessments:

  • one oral assessment
  • two written/visual assessments

Each pair or group of students will be graded together using the rubric provided.  These assessment activities works to fulfill both interpretive and presentational communication standards by devising and recording their skits, while also allowing students to reflect on and implement specific products and practices of Spanish culture by learning Metro routes and watching Spanish commercials (ACTFL Standards 1.2 and 1.3, 2.1 and 2.2, respectfully).  The assessment also collaboratively meets ISTE NET Standards 1, 2, and 5 by allowing students to create and upload original documents; interact , collaborate and publish with their peers, while also exhibiting safe and responsible practices by using only protected accounts and trusted sites.

Using a Tumblr blog as a platform, students would perform and record a skit on flip videos or cell phones and upload it to my educational YouTube account (email address and password provided in the instruction outline).  Students would need to first create a Tumblr blog, assign the blog a domain name (their last names), and then if time, customize the site to enhance the look and feel of the site.  Each Tumblr site is password protected with a class-wide password, so only the students in classes and I can access the artifacts they upload for class.

The group’s first assignment is to script and perform a YouTube video, referencing a particular route on the metro.

The skit should:

  • be no more than three minutes long
  • include two verbs conjugated in the command form per person
  •  reference one metro line change
  • reference at least two metro stops
  • mention one Madrid landmark
  • incorporate commonly-used verbs associated with traveling on the metro (bajar en, subir en, cambiar linías, etc).

The skit should be grammatically sound and flow nicely.  After the skit is completed, each group will upload the assignment to their individual Tumblr blogs by first uploading their videos to my YouTube account.

After the video recording has been completed, students will use a free photo editing software (  to map the directions they gave or received in the video; using an up-to-date electronic copy of the Madrid metro (they each received a copy of this map earlier in the unit).  After editing the metro map to show these directions, each group will upload the edited map to their Tumblr sites along with a written list of the directions they gave or received in bullet point form.

For this activity, points will be awarded based on whether each group:

  • uploaded the map
  • gave correct directions
  • marked the map correctly
  • used appropriate metro vocabulary
  • successfully incorporated formal or informal commands in the written instructions.

Finally, students will design and upload an advertisement that they might find in the metro system.  First, each group will be required to watch three different television commercials that have aired in fairly recently in Spain.  Each of these commercials refers to the culture or city of Madrid, so their ads should also do this. Students will then be required to choose one of these commercials as a group and create at least one print ad for the company that they could imagine displayed in the metro stations throughout Madrid.

The completed anuncio(s) should meet the following requirements:

  • two verbs in the command form
  • be relevant to the people/culture of Madrid
  • accompany or play off of one of the three commercials shown in class, and lastly
  • be visually appealing to the masses.

To see these assessments in action, please feel free to visit my own Tumblr site.  I’ve also provided storyboards with screenshots below to convey a thorough step-by-step process to explain the procedure to students in my classroom.


PASSWORD: Teaching Second Languages


Technology and Transportation


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