Values Coach

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For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working for Values Coach Inc., a healthcare consulting company based in Solon, Iowa.   During my time at Values Coach, I have been responsible for maintaining the company’s social media presence.  This includes keeping our clients (hospitals and healthcare networks across the country) abreast of our new resources and promotional offerings, but more importantly, it gives our company the opportunity to showcase our clients as they make strides to strengthen and foster a culture of ownership within their respective organizations.

In addition to these responsibilities, I also assist in helping the company CEO, Joe Tye deliver at least two Spark Plug newsletters per week.  Our newsletters currently reach nearly 15,000 subscribers – in addition to those who read his articles via social media. These weekly articles provide advice, insight, and experiences on workplace culture that are sure to encourage and inspire.  In the past year, Joe has asked me to write Spark Plugs on his behalf as a guest author.

Links to these newsletters can be found below:

Spark Plug: Rules of the Workplace Jungle Gym

Spark Plug: The Wonderful Things that Happen on Halloween


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