Personal and driven professional with experience in social and multimedia marketing, corporate culture and secondary education. Skills include website and social media strategy and proofing/copy writing. Proficient in Spanish


Multimedia SpecialistTrueNorth Companies | January 2015 – Present | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Collaborate with divisional leaders and EVP’s to update and maintain websites, blogs and social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.
  • Determine and exceed client expectations related to video, web, presentations, and print design requests.

Social Media SpecialistValues Coach Inc | May 2011 – January 2015 | Solon, Iowa

  • Social Media correspondent for Values Coach Inc.’s CEO Joe Tye and associates.
  • Responsible for leveraging social media to enhance the Values Coach brand, promote public relations, and strengthen ties between the company and the many national entities they work for.



Primary Emphasis in English and Language Arts Instruction
Endorsements in ESL

  • Academic training in literature (traditional and contemporary) and writing (creative, poetry, memoir, fiction, and nonfiction)
  •  Focus on critical reading and continuing literacy beyond the classroom
  • Collaboration with teaching teams, administration, and parent groups
  • Infusing technology into the classroom via computer writing labs and presentations (YouTube, Prezi, Animodo), online assignment submission programs (Edmodo), SMARTBoard integration, handheld technologies (iOS), and social media applications (Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress)


The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Master of Arts in Teaching, English Education, December 2014 

  • Relevant Coursework: Creative Writing for New Media, Reading and Teaching Adolescent Literature, Approaches to Teaching Writing, Reading Strategies, Language and Learning, Second Language Classroom Learning (Language Theory), Language Structures for teaching ELLs, Foreign Language Methods.

Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa
Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish, May 2010

  • Honors: cum laude
  • Relevant Coursework: British Literature I & II, American Literature I & II, 20th Century African American Women’s Literature, Victorian Women’s Literature, Literary Theory, The Art of Memoir, 20th Century Spanish Literature, Semester of study in Seville, Spain (5 courses)


Grades 4-6/ Strong Girls Book Club, Grand Wood Elementary, Iowa City, Iowa
March-October, 2012

  • Assisted Drs. Amanda Haertling-Thein and Renita Schmidt in gathering data for their qualitative study, Strong Girls Read Strong Books
  • Led small group discussion and recorded film data for future analysis by team

Grades 7-8/ After-school mentoring, Northwest Junior High School, Iowa City, Iowa
September-November 2012

  • Provided after-school assistance over multiple content areas for homework assignments and classroom activities

Grades K-5/ Spanish, Longfellow Elementary, Iowa City, Iowa, January-May 2010

  • Devised lesson plans to accommodate a wide spectrum of elementary ages
  • Assessed language retention and evaluated student learning using multiple assessment instruments and holding a series of review sessions
  • Communicated student’s progress with parents/guardians

Pre-K/ Swimming Lessons, Autismo Sevilla, Seville, Andalucía, Spain, January-May, 2008

  • Conducted bi-weekly one-on-one aquatic activities and exercises with three year-old autistic student to assist in the enhancement of fine-motor skills


ESL Practicum site (Grades K-5/ELL Pull-Out Classroom, Kenwood Elementary, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September-November, 2013)

  • Developed strong relationships with a number of students in a wide range of ages, English language proficiencies, socioeconomic statuses and cultural backgrounds
  • Gathered age-appropriate resources to represent various components of the English language and culture.

Spanish/Foreign Language Practicum site (Grades 10-12/Spanish II and IV, Solon High School, Solon, Iowa, February-April, 2013)

  • Created and successfully implemented two 40-minute lessons regarding the imperfect tense and clothing vocabulary
  • Created 26 lesson plans pertaining to Spanish language instruction
  • Graded assignments and exams using a standards-based grading system

Secondary English Practicum site (Grades 9-11/Reading Strategies, Iowa City West High School, Iowa City, Iowa, September-November 2012)

  • Assisted in unit over Truth by Tanya Lloyd Kyi comprised of a number of group activities, comprehension worksheets, and vocabulary retention
  • Initiated and led the first three days of a new unit over Exit Point by Laura Langston
  • Devised, successfully implemented, and evaluated a creative writing lesson plan within one of the aforementioned units
  • Developed strong relationships with students on IEPs/504 plans


  • President, National Council of Teachers of English – University of Iowa Affiliate (September 2013-Present)
  • Member, National Council of Teachers of English – University of Iowa Affiliate (October 2012-Present)
  • Member, Iowa Secondary Education Association (March 2012-Present)


  • Recipient, Teaching & Learning Accomplishment Award – University of Iowa (March 2014)
  • Substitute Teaching Certification– Iowa BOEE (January 2013-Present)

Letters of recommendation available upon request


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